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ICT LG polls: Polling underway for reserved seats


ISLAMABAD: Polling is in progress to elect candidates on the reserved seats in Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation(ICT).


Chairmen of 50 union councils will be casting their votes to elect women, youth, technocrat, non-Muslims and workers on reserved seats.

Contest will be holding on seventeen seats of women, three workers/peasants, three youth, three minorities and one technocrat.

PML-N has fielded candidate for women seats, PTI nine and four Independents are filed to contest election. For youth seats, three candidates PTI two and eight independent candidates.

The chairmen who were elected from the fifty union councils are:


UC 1: Sheraz Kiani of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf. 
UC 2: Pir Adil, independent
UC 3: Chaudhry Mushtaq Ahmad of Pakistan Muslim League (N)
UC 4: Malik Ishtiaq Awan of PML (N)
UC 5: Muhammad Wahid of PML (N)
UC 6: Raja Mumtaz of PML (N)
UC 7: Qaiser Ghafaar of PTI
UC 8: Raja Khurram of PTI
UC 9: Nasir Mehmoud, independent
UC 10: Raja Zahid Hussain, independent
UC 11: Abdul Majeed of PTI
UC 12: Hussnain Kazmi of PTI
UC 13: Qazi Faisal of PML (N)
UC 14: Chaudhary Nadeem independent
UC 15: Malik Ikhlaq Awan of PTI
UC 16: Chaudhry Naseem, independent
UC 17, Qaiser Javed, independent
UC 18: Waseem Sana Malik of PML (N)
UC 19: Chaudhry Manzoor Hussain of PML (N)
UC 20: Chaudhary Khurshid Ahmad of PTI
UC 21: Malik Aamir of PTI
UC 22: Chaudhry Matloob Hussain of PML (N)
UC 23: Jameel Khokhar, independent
UC 24: Syed Zaheer Ahmad Shah of PML (N)
UC 25: Attique Khattak of PTI
UC 26: Ch Allah Ditta of PML (N)
UC 27: Anjam Shahzad Tanoli of PTI
UC 28: Fauzia Ashraf of PTI
UC 29: Khurram Bakhtiar of PTI
UC 30: Malik Naeem, independent
UC 31: Chaudhary Kamran, independent
UC 32: Munir Ashraf of PML (N)
UC 33: Raja Waheedul Hassan of PML (N)
UC 34: Nisar Ahmad of PML (N)
UC 35: Malik Rafique of PTI
UC 36: Raja Faisal Nadeem of PTI
UC 37: Malik Sajid Mehmoud of PTI
UC 38: Qazi Tanveer Hussain of PTI
UC 39: Sajid Mehmoud of PML (N)
UC 40: Ali Nawaz Awan of PTI
UC 41: Sardar Mehtab of PML (N)
UC 42: Farhan Ali Mughal of PML (N)
UC 43: Rana Ashfaq of PML (N)
UC 44: Muhammad Aftab of PML (N)
UC 45: Syed Sibte Hussain of PML (N)
UC 46: Hafeez-ur Rehman of PML (N)
UC 47: Ch Raja Ayub of PML (N)
UC 48: Azam Khan, independent
UC 49: Syed Zeeshan Ali Naqvi of PML (N)
UC 50: Shoaib Khan of PTI

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