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Government is not afraid of Long marches: Shahbaz


LAHORE: Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif declared that his is willing to call on Imran in the interest of country but it is deplorable that Imran pecked with Qadri which will lead the country towards anarchy and disintegration.


During an interview, Shahbaz said that Imran supported the idea of dialogues with Taliban but denied to negotiate with the democratically elected government for dealing with political issues.

At a question, the Minister said that not only he but PM also offered Imran to hold a table talk via Sirajul Haq but Imran refused to talk. Shahbaz said that the government does want to resolve the political issues through negotiations for the sake of Pakistan and nation but Imran did not comply with the table talk invitations.


The CM of Punjab also offered Imran to become the head of electoral reforms committee and that government did not feel threatened by the long march and slogans of revolution which only bound to cause economic loss to the country.

He said that it is not sensible to hold long march and sit-in at the very instance when there is an operation going on in the other part of the country.

Pointing out Qadri’s previous day speech, Shahbaz said that what sort of revolution could be brought by a person who orders his workers to kill police and attack their houses.

Concluding his interview he appealed the nation not to become puppet in the hands of those who just want to stop progress and prosperity under the leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

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