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PM Nawaz to inaugurate Attabad Karakoram Highway Realignment Project on Monday


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif will inaugurate the recently completed 24 kiometer Attabad Realignment project on Monday (September 14, 2015).pm-to-inaugurate-newly-constructed-attabad-tunnel-1442148664-9757


Karakoram Highway known as the Friendship Highway in China is completed at a cost of $275 million. The Attabad Karakoram Highway Realignment Project will be inaugurated at Attabad in Hunza on Moday (September 14, 2915) by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.2kU46hW5_hj1vFGOyNxW9la7cLD-Rmv3fVm1KlohjeFAxdvuwNi2A-nJDv4uD0iosj-jsXcXFIO8lBLV6OkJ5k9uMxEzhc7aKPia8_DHBiYXQe7Pr4aTHlAAXRK7lIsuL9pJ-O-ojXQ_SYICVv3VbYG8JUVTEYZ37qkwy7jTYPQlXT2NiXe66JFke5V24qa7


Five tunnels accumulative length of 7.12 kilometers, 16 kilometers road and two new bridges of 1 kilometer long were constructed. The project will assist will boost the trade between Pakistan and China and will address the problems of business community as well.2kU46hW5_hj1vFGOyNxW9la7cLD-Rmv3fVm1KlohjeFAxdvuwNi2A-nJDv4uD0iosj-jsXcXFIO8lBLV6OkJ5k9uMxEzhc7aKPia8_DHBiYXQe7Pr4aTHlAAXRK7lIsuL9pJ-O-ojXQ_SYICVv3VbYG8JUVTEYZ37qkwy7jTYPSbRfhNZQKe7wvhLD_nG2X-

Governor Gilgit-Baltistan Chaudhary Barjees Tahir, Special Assistant to the PM Tariq Fatemi, Dr. Asif Kirmani and other provincial and federal officials will attend the inauguration ceremony.CN0uolwUYAE-IeZ

The work was contracted out to the China Road & Bridge Corporation (CRBC)

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