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Fairy Meadows The World’s Most Dangerous Road in Pakistan


In this report, we are going to sketch one spot of truly amazing road to Nanga Perbat alias Killer Mountain. The road, which leads to this destination is called ‘Fairy Meadows’ and it is considered as one of the most perilous roads not only of Pakistan but of the world. Basically, Fairy Meadows is an extended route to a marvellous range of glaciers, which take you to the vertical rock fully wrapped up with white fabric.



The road is almost raw and suggest far away from the modern way of road construction and it is 16.2km long that allows you feel as if you were travelling into ‘other world’. The road is utterly unmaintained and there are no guardrails to protect drivers from falling from at least 2000 feet heights. The road was constructed by the native villagers hundreds of years ago. So, whoever travels to this area needs to be quite firm at heart.

While you are travelling through this gruelling road, you must be very strong at heart as a minor mistake could be disastrous for you.

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