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Dengue expected to be in action from August to October: Experts


ISLAMABAD: Health experts anticipated that due to the recent showers, the larva of the mosquito which causes Dengue-fever could be ominous in related cities – Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


The prolonged period of Dengue virus is expected to onset from August to October, according to the doctors. Hence, it is inevitable to wipe out the places which caused the disease along with there should be made arrangements to meet the emergency during these three months.

Health expert Zameer Minhas said that Dengue-attack is expected to be made from August to October. In order to be protected from the malady, it is necessary to provide precautions to school going children along with the adults as well.


Moreover, the mounted rain-water in the surrounding area of the houses must be disposed off so that the mosquito could not be fostered on the clean water.

Meanwhile, an operation against the tire-shops which caused Dengue has launched in Rawalpindi. However, the regional authorities must be alert in these days along with the places caused Dengue should also be pointed.

According to the PIMS sources, the arrangements regarding Dengue have been accomplished and the directions have also been made to ensure the availability of blood in the banks as well.

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