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Chairman PTI Imran Khan suspends party membership of Justice (R) Wajiuddin


ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has suspened basic party membership of Justice retired Wajiuddin Ahmad on Friday, following the circular issued on August 4, which mentioned that if any party member  discuss internal party issues on any public form his/her basic party membership  will be suspended immediately.


Statement issued on the official PTI website said,” Chairman PTI Imran Khan today stated that Justice (retd) Wajiuddin has openly defied Party discipline even after the issuance of the Chairman’s notification of 4 August 2015, clearly stating that anyone discussing internal party matters publicly will be suspended immediately from Party membership. Defying the Chairman’s notification Justice (retd) Wajiuddin has also declared that he will continue to air internal Party matters in public.

“The Chairman pointed out that because he has always had the highest respect for Justice (retd) Wajiuddin, he held a 3-hour meeting with him last weekend”

“The Chairman made clear that no democratic political party allows its members to discuss internal party matters in the public domain, especially on the media. A democratic culture within a political party should not be mistaken for freewheeling anarchy. All Parties function within a structured discipline and Party forums exist to air grievances and seek redress. Even in Western democracies, no political party allows its members to go public with internal issues and hurl baseless allegations against its leadership”, statement by Imran Khan


“The Chairman reminded that PTI is the only political party in Pakistan that has held intra-party elections at every tier of its organization. It is also the only Party that set up an Election Tribunal to examine election petitions arising out of the intra party elections and then agreed to hold these elections again because of the lapses in the first-ever elections held in 2013. However, nowhere in the democratic world does a tribunal attribute to itself the role of judge, juror and executioner. This is untenable,” statement further added.

“The Chairman regretted that Justice (retd) Wajiuddin’s maligning of senior Party leaders on baseless allegations has damaged the Party more than the combined forces of the Opposition ever could”, statement said.


Circular issued on August 4:




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