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Ch Nisar orders over Rangers raid at home of NYT correspondent


ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali khan took notice of a raid conducted by Rangers at the house of New York Times Pakistan correspondent, Salman Masood in Islamabad.


Statement issued by ministry on raid said, “How, why and whose orders a raid was conducted at Salman Masood’s house, Such operations and raided are not acceptable.”

Earlier, NYT Correspondent had shared photos on Twitter, showing several armed men in Rangers uniform checking his home.

“Rangers have shown up at my house, saying they want to search the premises but have no documents or warrants”, Masood tweeted.


According to Salman tweet that a civilian man who was with rangers said he is from intelligence and insisted to search the house.

Salman Masood also shared that he asked senior Islamabad police official about the raid, he said, “terrorist search operation underway.”

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