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Biometric verification of 72 million SIMs has done


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has concluded the first phase of biometric verification in which  72 million subscriber identification modules (SIMs) have been verified.


The first phase, launched on 12 January, of the verification procedure of up to 100 million SIMs will be wound up by midnight on 26 Fabruary. According to PTA, more than 10 million SIMs had been terminated during the initial segment because they were not verified.

As stated by PTA, three or more SIMs issued on a single CNIC will be cancelled in case they are not verified by midnight.

The second phase of the movement, starting from 27 February, will be for those having two SIMs issued on their CNIC. This phase will be alive till 14 March.


The SIMs, which are blocked, could be reissued only when the owners pass through the biometric verification procedure. And these SIMs will be delivered on the provided addresses.

The third segment will be launched from March 14 till Aril 12 after which an advertisement campaign will be started for illegal SIMs.

Meanwhile, the national database is being compiled as part of the government’s move to curtail terrorism in the aftermath of the December 16 Peshawar school brutality.

Since the new criteria was publicized earlier this year, SIMs owners have been seen queued at cellphone stores, in front of mobile vans, and booths across the country to scan their fingerprints to verify their identities.

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