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Bahira Town’s Malik Riaz shares blackmailing video and files case


ISLAMABAD: Chairman of Bahria Town Malik Riaz Hussain has filed FIR at the Lohi Bher Police Station, Islamabad against people he alleges blackmailing him for last six years.


Malik Riaz announced a week before that on July 22 he will release a video recording of how he has been getting blackmailed for last six years. Today the video of blackmailers has been released by him.

In a FIR registered at Lohi Bher Police Station, Islamabad, Malik Riaz has nominated three individuals as blackmailers namely: Lt. Colonel (R) Tariq Kamal, dismissed Colonel Khalid Rasheed and Dr. Shafiq. Malik Riaz was accompanied by his legal advisor Dr. Babar Awan.

According to FIR, the alleged blackmailers are trying to destroy the reputation of Malik Riaz and his business. It is also written in the FIR that Mr. Riaz had already paid a hefty because of blackmailing, On June 2013, blackmailers had been paid with Rs. 50 million on promise that they will never blackmail the Mr. Riaz again in future.


According to FIR, 15 days ago, Lt. Colonel (R) Tariq Kamal threatened again Mr. Riaz. Today while filing the FIR, Malik Riaz has also submitted the relevant documents and CCTV video of blackmailers as evidences. Talking to the media, Dr. Babar Awan stated that his client has been extorted and blackmailed many a time by several powerful authorities. “It is now the responsibility of the media and national institutions to bring forward the truth”, he added.

Lt Col. (R) Tariq Kamal is Blackmailing Malik Riaz (Video):

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