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ASWJ protest, Government to provide security to them


Islamabad: ASWJ protested against ‘target killings and kidnappings’ of their members, they started march towards the Parliament House, in result of this agreement was reached between the ICT administration and the ASWJ protestors.


On Friday Islamabad police agreed to provide security to the mosques and other institutions affiliated with ASWJ.

Huge majority of the students accompanied the party leaders for the purpose of the protest.

The local leaders also blamed authorities for failing to stop ‘rising cases of terrorism against them’.

“Our people are being killed in the twin cities but we remain committed to our peaceful co-existence,” said ASWJ Islamabad President Ghulam Mustafa Baloch.


Islamabad police placed containers near Melody on the street near National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

Police also closed the Red Zone entry points at Serena Hotel, which also causes the traffic blockage at various stops.

However, after negotiations  and agreement the protestors got dispersed.

To end the protest, administration assured the investigation of the murders of ASWJ workers and leaders.

Demands by the ASWJ includes:

1. Withdrawal of minor cases against its leaders.

2. Establish JIT( Joint Investigation Team) to investigate the killing of their party members.

ASWJ is constantly under attacks, which has caused at least death of 5 of their party members

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