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ARY Group annoucnes merger with BOL TV, set to launch in three weeks


KARACHI: CEO of ARY Group Salman Iqbal on Friday, announced merger with BOL TV. private media reported.


Salman Iqbal on the announcing event, admired the BOL TV staff for tirlessly working for three months, ‘I couldn’t see a large number of job holders to get unemployed. They have the families to support and we decided to step in and save this journalist community.’

Tt is to be remembered that  BOL TV initially was project of Axcat (Software House), which is under investigation over the NY Times in which it was alleged that software house has been providing fake degree.

Claim to be Pakistan’s largest media house, BOL TV hired bigwigs of news channel industry but after the fake degree including President of BOL TV Kamran Khan jumped from the ship.

According to reports,   BOL TV management was facing difficulty to pay salaries and after the scandal it was hard for the management to undue the damage caused by the rival media groups.





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