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Activist Alamgir arrested in Karachi: #FixIt


KARACHI: Activist Alamgir Khan was arrested outside the Sindh CM House in Karachi on Thursday.


Alamgir was trying to empty garbage bins outside the Sindh Chief Minister House in Karachi when police stopped and arrested him.


Alamgir Khan who has been hailing from a politicial party has, this time, opted an apoliticial movement to address the issues of Karachiites and for this purpose, he is not using the slogan of any party. Furthermore, in his firstcall over the movement Fixit, he has been calling all the Karachiites, from any political background to come and join the cause.

As Alamgir Khan told in while talking with media that to get cover the manholes is the first activity of the movement and on further he have many other civic issues to go with in near future.


The SZABIST graduate has become immensely popular among masses for his unique way of protest, as he painted the portraits of the CM Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah near the manholes without caps and alongside it made an arrow symbol  and wrote down ‘Fix it’.

This idea was also termed a bit offensive as the portrait of the provincial head was being made near the gutters, but Alamgir Khan told that it is not to disrespect him (CM) at all and this idea of protest is taken from a Russian website.

After this social movement was initiated the best positive use of Social media was also done as Alamgir Khan tried to hookup with others to get improvised the further ideas.

Recently, on Friday, under the campaign 42 caps of Manholes were fixed by Alamgir Khan and his team, which just cost Rs 13000. So far this social activist is up with the civic issues, as after caps of manholes he has issues like poor roads, sewerage  and transport issues.

The social campaigner vows to be in long run and intends to voice for the issues of common man despite the hurdles.

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