“Listen to the science!”: Volkswagen’s CEO thundering against hydrogen and synthetic gasoline

For some time Executive Director From VolkswagenAnd the Herbert Des, Represent Voice opposes the use of hydrogen in the automotive field And it led the German car brand to abandon its studies on this topic.

Diss returned to make his voice heard by holding him One studio from PikPotsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research – It was released in early May. German researchers confirm the Volkswagen CEO’s thesis that hydrogen is not suitable as a solution, not even as a transitional solution, towards a greener future in the automotive sector. “Listen to the science!Des Raad on Twitter.

German researchers highlighted, the data found, that in sectors where possible, Direct electrification is the best way to achieve maximum emission containment. Hydrogen could be a solution, but only in those sectors where direct electricity cannot be used: Researchers cite the fields of aviation and industrial processes.

German study has a special focus on Electronic fuelAnd the Synthetic fuel obtained by recombining hydrogen with carbon dioxide, Which promises to have a zero-value carbon cycle, by not introducing more carbon dioxide into the environment than what is captured to produce it.

The problem is inefficiencies in hydrogen production, but also in the various stages of the distribution chain: for the same amount of energy collected from renewable sources, Run a more efficient battery-powered car directly with it From the production of synthetic fuels from hydrogen. The researchers estimated that the second track required between forty and two times energy, compared to direct use in electric-powered cars.

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Another point is: Investing in synthetic gasoline could be counterproductive to the environment as it would also extend the life of fossil fuels, slowing the transition to electricity in the automotive sector..

Falko Ueckerdt, lead author of the PIK study, said: Fuels like these as a global climate solution are kind of false promises. While it is remarkably versatile, it cannot be expected to replace fossil fuels on a large scale. This can only be achieved with direct electricity. Hydrogen-based fuels will likely be very scarce and uncompetitive for at least another decade“.

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