List of games listed in Metacritic voting order, Created by a fan –

Reddit user created a file existing Part of the games included in PS Plus Extra from PlayStationin order of games Metacritic Rating. You can see it below.

Let’s note one thing first. In the first place it is placed talent by 100 votes. Obviously not the real vote for the game, which must be satisfied with 54 honest votes. The user just wanted to open the menu with a joke: Considering Knack a masterpiece is a meme.

In addition, we checked randomly entered sounds and the numbers appear to be correct. We also determine that the player has entered a Metacritic rating of PS4 / PS5 version of the game. In some cases, the average rating of the other versions is higher or lower than the PS4 version.

The list is, as mentioned earlier, partial and the average Metacritic rating isn’t enough to determine the game’s strengths or weaknesses, but this list allows you to get a rough idea of ​​what we can expect. We specify that these games are for USA version PS Plus Extra, so some may be missing from the European/Italian menu.

Finally, we know that PS1 games hit 60Hz in the US, unlike Asian games.

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