Lions shoot the Special Teams Coordinator after he’s reportedly gone rogue in a fake call against the Titans

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The Detroit Lions They lost their second game in a row on Sunday as they fell against Tennessee Titans With a score of 46-25. While the team has already parted ways with coach Matt Patricia, another coach found himself in trouble this week, as he did Black fired Special Teams Coordinator Raiden Coombs on Monday. While it was a somewhat baffling decision, as there was no clear and obvious reason for Detroit to feel the need to move from Coombs now, a report published Monday morning did shed some light on the situation.

to me Detroit NewsAnd the A source on the team said that “organizational frustration” had been brewing with Coombs for some time, “with the belief that the moderator was focusing too much on self-promotion.” He reportedly made the last straw when he called a fake tie in the fourth quarter without consulting other members of the coaching staff. Apparently, not all the Lions players were aware of the call, and the play failed to capture the first time.

Check out the play here:

The Lyons were down 14 points in the fourth quarter when Coombs took it upon himself to try to gain some momentum for his team, but ended up giving the Giants a great field position and an easy opportunity to extend the lead to 21 points.

Combs is the son of Ohio State’s defense coordinator Kerry Coombs, who served as a defense coach for the Titans last year. Combs was the youngest in his first season as a special team coordinator for the Lions, and he started his coaching career with Cincinnati Bengals – who trained with him in 2009. Coombs then made his way to assistant coach and assistant coach of special teams before moving to Detroit.

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