Linda Iaccarino, the new CEO of Twitter

Twitter has resolved the reservations. Rumors of a possible passing baton to a female mentor have been haunting one another for days — last week, Elon Musk mentioned a vague, anonymous “she” — and now the name of the woman he’ll be mentoring is finally known (or at least, she’ll be trying to) the social network to get out of. The perfect storm. The manager on whom the billionaire rests his hopes firmly, after last year asked his followers through a poll to express themselves about the opportunity for a new CEO – a role that Musk himself has so far filled – called Linda Iaccarino, an experienced executive with Italian roots, cause us a certain pride. But let’s find out more about it new CEO Twitter.

Linda Iaccarino with Anna Wintour in 2018.

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Who is Linda Iaccarino, the new CEO of Twitter?

Linda was born in 1963 in New York to Italian parents, Sicilian to be exact, Bob Iaccarino and Isabella Bartolon, like her husband, Peter Madrazo. She was educated at Deer Park High School before enrolling at Penn State University, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Science in 1985. Upon graduation, she joined Turner Entertainment, an American film company where she spent 15 years rising to the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, responsible for developing innovative advertising and marketing solutions.

Twitter female CEO

Linda Iaccarino has worked at NBCUniversal for 12 years.

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Resume of Linda Iaccarino

In 2011, she joined NBCUniversal, a leading global entertainment and news company, rising to the position of Chief Marketing Officer with a key role in the launch of the video-on-demand streaming service Peacock TV. 2014 Joins the Ad Council, an American non-profit organization that distributes and promotes PSAs on behalf of various sponsors, including non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, and US government agencies, to become Chair of the Board in 2021. Yaccarino also prides itself on many partnerships with both Republican and Democratic governments. In 2018, Donald Trump appointed her as a member of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition, a government organization that encourages and motivates citizens of all ages to engage in physical activity and sport, while during the Biden administration she developed an awareness campaign in favor of vaccination against Covid, in which Pope Francis also participated. .

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Linda Iaccarino, the new position as CEO of Twitter

On May 12, after 11 years of collaboration, Yaccarino resigned from NBCUniversal to take over as CEO of X Corp, the company created by Musk and into which the social network was merged. As the entrepreneur himself explained in a tweet, The new CEO will be primarily responsible for rethinking the business and, in particular, for understanding how to attract advertisers after the exodus of recent months.. Elon will instead focus on the design and technological aspects. Tesla’s Number One sees Yaccarino as the main character capable of creating what the billionaire has already renamed Twitter 2.0, an “everything app” with content shared by creators and journalists and a micropayment system that allows individual items to be purchased, with no subscription required. A technical revolution that enhances the work of the professional individual with the hope that Twitter will once again become a point of reference for those who work in the field of information.

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