Limited content to protect broadcasters

According to some reports, United kingdom plan for Restrict online media platforms To protect public broadcasting stations. Let’s find out all the details together.

The UK wants to restrict online media platforms

British authorities hope to secure a prominent position for media such as BBC e ITV at radio channels e Televisions. According to government officials, the relevant departments will determine legislative timetables from next year. The government will review Radio rules Based on the television To ensure the important position of the public media. These measures will be based on Recommendations announced by the media regulator.

In addition, the new rules will strictly supervise Transfer TV content over the Internet. This new rule will be greatly strengthened The power of business negotiations between broadcasters, I Producers of equipment and broadcast platforms منصات your internet media.

The British Communications Authority It first recommended in 2019 reforms to secure the status of public service broadcasters. However, the specific details have not yet been determined. Special Committee on Digital Culture, Media and Sport of the House of Commons criticize the government To work very slowly.

Australian law

Online media is technically making it Offline workplaces are useless. Earlier this year, the Australian Parliament passed a new law that mandates i digital giants Come Facebook social networking site and google a Paying local publishers for news content. It is the first country to formally agree to such a law. According to the Australian government, the new law will ensure that “Content produced by news media companies can be fairly rewarded.”

Australia can move It leads to a series of cascading effects on a global scale. It is likely to prompt other governments to take similar regulatory measures. This, in turn, will limit the power of large digital companies. It seems that the British government About to do the same Or something very similar.

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