LilyPichu Condemns Racial Crimes For Taking A Day Off –

Not streamer TwitchAnd also an OfflineTV member, Lily ‘LilipichoDenounce Ki some Racially motivated crimes Got it for a day off from broadcasting. Why are its viewers angry? The risk of losing rust falls, to add to their inventory.

Rust is the game of the moment, the trendy game these days among those who follow live broadcasts and the like, although it’s been around for years. OfflineTV server is one of the most popular servers among those currently active, due to the personalities that inhabit it.

On January 11th, LilyPichu didn’t do Live broadcast. Some did not take her seriously, accusing her of making viewers risk losing the drops, even though the girl lowered their requirements: two hours of watching instead of four.

The crimes received are really serious, such as:You are Chinese shit (LilyPichu actually has Korean ancestry … but who knows who can’t be expected from certain individuals). Go back to your communist country.Another user called her “junk” and told her that one day she would “dance on her grave.”

Thankfully, LilyPichu seems to have taken it good, calling those messages so ridiculous that they’re almost comic. Of course, seeing a lot of hatred for Rust’s things makes a certain impression.

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