Like sleeping with the windows open without getting stung

Like every year, mosquitoes have come back to bother us. Today we’re going to reveal a way to use it to sleep with the window open, without the fear of getting pinched.

The heat has now arrived, and with it they are back mosquito. They are perhaps the most unbearable insects, as they destroy our days every year.

Not only are they unbearable because we’re left with boiling on our bodiesMaybe they are disease transmission or too Allergic reactions.

Mosquitoes: These foods can keep them away
Mosquitoes: These Foods Can Keep Them Out (Pixabay)

Not everyone knows they are there foods That if ingested frequently can keep these small insects away.

So, are you curious to know what they are?

The first foods you can eat are garlic and onion: In fact, these substances release through the pores, which are on our skin, odors that mosquitoes do not like.

Mosquitoes: These foods can keep them away

You can also use files apple cider vinegarthat if people like it so much, we can’t say the same to these pesky animals.

Active ingredient of Chili pepper Capsaicin is a very irritating substance to mosquitoes.

if you eat Tomatoes and legumes They can help you a lot: in fact, these foods contain vitamin B1, which repels these animals.

Instead, the grapefruit It keeps away not only mosquitoes, but also other annoying pets, such as ticks, bugs and lice.

If you find yourself in the morning with a lot of pinches, you can also try to put these aromatic herbs in your dishes, such as Basil and mint.

There is, too lavenderHowever, it can help you: it is a plant that people love very much, which is different from mosquitoes.

It can be yours too Bran and grana germ: These two types of foods can be eaten or used as essential oils.

Mosquitoes: These foods can keep them away
To Banish Mosquitoes, Try These Foods (Web Sources)

Or you can cut some pieces of these plants and place them at strategic points to get rid of these pesky animals.

In short, some of us may be more attracted to mosquitoes. For this reason, we tend to sleep with the window closed. But these foodsOn the other hand, if you eat regularly, they can help you and It can drive away these pesky pets.

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