Like in the tropics, but that’s not good news

Record temperatures for the Tyrrhenian Sea these days. Sayings registered in the south for this reason is not good news.

Boiling Tyrrhenian Sea

Tyrrhenian Sea Like the tropics. These days Standard value From the local sea temperature with 30 degrees The maximum recorded is in the south, in the Aeolian Islands. The Lamma-Cnr consortium presented the news and also explained how it will continue heat waves And the lack of rain for several months. High values ​​but also contained forAdriatic sea And the Ligurian Sea, which has a temperature of 27-28 degrees. But having a warm sea as in the tropics is not a good thing. Let’s see why.

Heat waves and the absence of rain are not the only dangers, because as the sea temperature rises, the dangers of strong mail increase devastating stormsWhen the good weather is over. An increase in sea temperature is in fact the ideal condition for the conversion of heat to energy causing this to happen storms and other violent phenomena. Boiling sea water above 26.5 degrees Celsius leads to the formation of so-called “tropical cyclones like hurricanes”, which are small cyclones in the Mediterranean. We are now 5-6 degrees Beyond the norm, in particular, the Mediterranean has recorded, in the past twenty years alone, an average increase of more than 0.5 °C. To achieve this, just consider that tropical waters are slightly warmer than our own, which is just over 30 degrees Celsius, recorded in the Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Bay of Bengal and South China Sea.

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