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International Italy in Rome

After his victory over Tsitsipas, Medvedev indulged in a very special celebration with whimsical ballet. Here’s what’s behind it.

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International Italy in Rome

in the end Daniel Medvedev He made this. Despite conflicting relationships with mud, the Russian tennis player was able to reach the final of the Italian Tennis Championships, winning in straight sets. Stefanos Tsitsipas. A game marked by the suspension of rain, the winner claimed the eighth win out of 12 matches against his Greek rivals. A victory that is celebrated in a very special way.

There was a lot of curiosity about this challenge in light of anything but the perfect relationship between the two tennis players. Everything went smoothly, except for a moment of internal tension between Tsitsipas and his box. Taking advantage of a match point that allowed him to win the final of the Rome International, where he will challenge the Danish Rhone, Daniil Medvedev went wild. The world No. 3 improvises an embarrassing ballet.

Bending his legs, with a certain movement of his arms, Medvedev approached the ground. What is the reason for this jubilation? Why did the Russians dance like that? Perhaps it was a rematch against his opponent. In fact, Tsitsipas scored a victory over Daniel in Cincinnati Ballet towards his corner. Then here is always revenge with certain moves.

ATP In Rome, Medvedev beats Tsitsipas and goes to the final against Ron. Now Rybakina Kalinina

Mocking the ballerinas in the post-match interview was not out of the ordinary Medvedev explained what happened: “I did it once in the US, and it became famous. I like the gif (i.e. the animated gif destined to go viral, ed.), even if I don’t know if it’s called a gif or a Jif. So let’s see what comes of this.”

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When I do that, it’s just like getting drunk at the disco when you’re dancing. And then I have a lot of friends like that: You feel like a pole-dancing god and then when they show you the video, you realize it wasn’t the right thing. I don’t know how it went, but I’m just happy with the first final on clay and I’m just waiting for tomorrow.

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