Like a runner who stumbles across the finish line, says Matt Buttie –

The releasing problems From infinite aura? like classic Runner runs over the finish lineto me loot died: The head of Microsoft Studios wanted to do a mea culpa and explain what happened to a game that had all the cards in the rules to do a very good job.

Waiting for co-op and Forge in the open beta, Booty talked about how Halo Infinite was an excellent first-time protagonist, with over 20 million players, but then Content support.

“Nowadays, with games like Halo Infinite, the launch is just the beginning,” he said. “There has to be a plan to introduce new content, and a plan to get players involved on a regular basis. So we had a tough time.”

Booty explained that the developers of 343 Industries had reorganized and developed a new setup in order to deliver new content in an efficient and timely manner, but first it was necessary to slow down a bit.

“I want to thank the players for staying with us at this difficult time. We know the demand is high and there is a lot we can do, so that will be our goal from now on: Quality of life updates and content available on a regular basis.”

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