Like a Dragon: Sega announced RGG Summit, a presentation event in June

Sega and RGG Studio announced the release ofRGG Summit Summer 2023i.e. a Presentation entirely dedicated to the Like a Dragon series (or Yakuza), which will take place at June 16, 2023 During that, news related to the franchise will be announced.

No details yet Contentswith more information due to arrive in the next few days, but in the meantime we can imagine that there will be room for Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Cleared His Name, and perhaps also, like Dragon 8, the new unpublished chapter of the series. .

On the one hand, the first is still scheduled for 2023, so other information should appear at least in the launch period, probably, as well as other materials in this regard. As Dragon 8 has been practically confirmed by Sega, even if only with a short teaser, so this might be the right opportunity to receive a real extended presentation in this regard.

Unfortunately, thehours It is not entirely suitable for users in Europe: RGG Summit Summer 2023 will, in fact, be broadcast on June 15 at 5:00 am on June 16, 2023, Italian time. It will not be easy to follow it live, but it will certainly be interesting for all fans of the Sega and RGG Studio series.

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