Light bulbs, you’re using the wrong bulbs: read the hidden code and see if it works for me, you’ll save a lot

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Most of the citizens buy the light bulbs that are commonly used in homes without any interest.

In fact, more often than not, they are only purchased according to the wattage. Many people prefer high wattage bulbs to ensure that they can well illuminate the room in which they are to be installed. On the other hand, while others dwell on labels, reading them over and over again, in the end they choose the same lamps as the first ones.

It does not take into account any other parameters. Instead, it is better to consider everything when buying, because a faulty light bulb can harm the health of those living in the house and the finances of the family. We are sure that, reading what we have written, you would think that such a thing is not possible.

Instead, the lamps have casings on which different parameters are indicated. There is not only the wattage which is also essential to have a home that is perfectly lit and according to the needs of those who live there and spend a lot of time indoors. But it is for this very reason that we must pay close attention.

And in this article, we will reveal to you what you should pay attention to. It will be a kind of mini-guideline of the psychological, physical and economic well-being of the family. So, take some time to read the article till the end and take note of everything we recommend. We are sure you will thank us and the next time you buy a light bulb, you will know very well how to navigate the shelves.

Read everything that is written on the labels before choosing one: well-being and savings are guaranteed.

Let’s start right away and try to understand more about wattage. In practice, this concerns the consumption of a light bulb. The lower the wattage, the lower the consumption. With energy-saving bulbs, you can consume less, but have a higher light power. As far as LEDs are concerned, it’s a different matter.

Red LEDs: Best for Promoting Relaxation (Web) –

In fact, instead of looking at the wattage, in this case it would be nice to look at the lumens indicated on the label. In addition, the energy class is also indicated on the packaging of the light bulbs. For greater savings, it’s a good idea to choose one that falls into the high power category. Also consider the choice of shades. This falls within the luxury realm, but it also has economic implications.

A light that is too warm will make the room appear dark, and therefore you will search for more energy, and more energy means more consumption. As for the bright white light, this may bother you and it certainly won’t relax you. This shade is good for the morning to keep you awake, but it prefers red-hued bulbs at night. It will help sleep and reduce wattage too!

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