“Lifetime Achievement Award” for Alessandra Benedetto, and Reggio Carrateca in Fortitudo 1903

These are the words that marked the moment when the President of FIJLKAM, Karate Sector, Davide Benettilo in Turin, during the Italian Absolute Championship, awarded Alessandra Benedetto the Gold Medal presented by Fortitudo 1903 honoring him for his sporting performances of Calabrian and Italian Karate for more than 20 years and after he had ended his competitive career for having reached the limit Minimum age.

De Coubertin’s motto was uttered by Riccardo Partinico who has coached Alessandra Benedetto since she was nine years old. “Alessandra, because of her technical skills, was able to truly reach the world Olympus of karate, but she had to turn her life upside down: train three times a day, spend less time studying and be followed by a team made up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and masseuses. Nothing From this. Alessandra led a normal life, an hour and a half of training three times a week and only one technical teacher. In the end, the balance of “struggle” is suitable for those who “fought well”: 19 medals won in the FIJLKAM National Championships, 3 gold and 2 silver and 14 bronze; Blue Athlete qualification obtained for participation in seven stages of world competitions valid for Olympic qualification for Tokyo, master’s degree in sports and motor sciences with the highest score, the title of karate instructor and the highest degree of black belt, 5th dan in karate.

Alessandra’s future is now more demanding on an educational and social level, and she must be able to pass on all the values ​​of the sport to the students of the prestigious city school, Galileo Galilei, where she occupies the Chair of Cars and Sports Sciences and to the students of Fortitudo 1903 where she is appointed Director of the Youth Sector.

Competitive Curriculum by Alessandra Benedetto.

FIJLKAM Blue Athlete;

5th Dan Black Belt for Competitive Advantage;

19 national medals (3 gold, 2 silver and 14 bronze).

Participation in national tenders: 16 Italian absolute championships, 6 Italian absolute championships, 6 Italian championships (for juniors, cadets and juniors), 5 Italian representative championships, 5 national university championships.

Participation in international tenders: Three European representative championships (Novi Sad, Warsaw and Madrid), the US Open (Las Vegas 2007 and Las Vegas 2010), the 2010 German Open, the 2011 Austrian Open and seven “Serie A” stages, valid for qualification to the Tokyo Olympics: Guadalajara 2018, Salzburg 2018, Santiago de Chile 2018, Salzburg 2019, Istanbul 2019, Santiago de Chile 2019, Santiago de Chile 2020.

Pictured: Riccardo Partenico, Alessandra Benedetto and Davide Benettiello

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