Libya, foreign minister suspended. Clash in light of the elections –

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It was announced that the road to the vote on December 24 was stormy. Mangosh said she was ready to consider the extradition to the United States of the former chief of the intelligence service accused of orchestrating the Lockerbie attack.

The course of the Libyan electoral campaign begins in an atmosphere of personal disagreements and political differences in light of the appointment on December 24. The Presidency Council announced two days ago “A two-week suspension” by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Najla Manqoush, which in theory could not leave the country until the end of the investigation. Meanwhile, the choice of Cyrenaica’s strongman, Khalifa Haftar, yesterday, to send his son Saddam on a visit to Israel, raises few criticisms.

Mangoush, who is particularly hated by the Brotherhood, is accused of having exceeded her duties, after speaking to BBC She said she was ready to look Ex-CEO of Gaddafi’s intelligence services extradited to the United StatesAbu Aqila Muhammad Masoud, accused of organizing the attack on the Pan Am Boeing 747, which exploded in December 1988 over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing more than 270 people. “The Minister should not have reopened a case that was already resolved in 2003, When Tripoli agreed to compensate the families of the victims,” they say to the Presidential Council, which is now more than ever looking to appear.

The government of interim Prime Minister Abdel Hamid Dabaiba has previously rejected this move. Minister Mangoush continues to travel. It will be at the Paris conference on November 12.Spokespersons for the Prime Minister said, referring to the summit requested by Macron to facilitate the electoral process, as well as to reactivate the French role. It seems that the engagement is destined to continue. But he is not the only one. This was announced yesterday by the Speaker of the Tobruk Parliament, Aqila Saleh A double ballot will be held on December 24 to choose the president And Parliament on the basis of a controversial election law. The fight over nominations began. Militias in Tripoli are deeply loathed by Haftar, who fear the new alliance between Israel and Benghazi’s soldiers.

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