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Libraries: A Journey Through Books And More!

Claire Palmieri, from Vasto, is a researcher at the University of Brisbane, where she directs research in the School of Veterinary Medicine. He writes himself to Chiaro Cutidiano Postcards from Australia. To tell of a place geographically distant, but ideally close to thousands of people from Abruzzo who have relatives on the other side of the world, who emigrated from Italy decades ago or more recently to conquer their future.

One of the things everyone here in Australia agrees on is City libraries They are certainly among the first places. In every Australian city, even in cities of 1,000-2,000 inhabitants (I have evidence!), there are what I call Places of meeting, exchange, enrichment and fun. It’s not just a matter of getting in, grabbing a book and going… Libraries are designed to be real places of everyday life for all ages.

In addition to being workstations with internet access, free wi-fi, or study or meeting rooms, they offer a great variety of free services, including book clubs, reading courses, computer courses, English conversation groups, book presentations, seminars, and workshops. the work . Everyone has their own card, even the kids, and you can borrow books, audiobooks, digital magazines, digital movies, and more.

every library It has a children’s area With books divided by age, author or reading level, reading spaces, play areas… and there is no shortage of activities designed for children! Every day, you can find people in the library bent on telling stories, singing nursery rhymes, or helping kids with arts and crafts or modeling sessions.

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Thus, the library becomes a welcoming place, where you really feel at home and never want to leave!

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