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LGBT + Pride coin: where to get the new rainbow 50p as the Royal Mint celebrates the 50th anniversary of UK Pride


A new LGBT+ 50 pence coin has been unveiled, marking the 50th anniversary of the first UK Pride Celebrations.

The Royal Mint’s special edition marks the first time the British LGBTQ+ community has been directly celebrated with the UK’s official currency, even as gay decoder Alan Turing became the new face of the banknote last year, starting at £50.

How was the new coin made?

Created by artist and LGBT+ activist Dominque Holmes in collaboration with Pride in London, the coin uses “the latest color printing technology” to bring the colors of the rainbow flag to life on the special edition coins – along with the words “Pride,” “Protest ‘, ‘vision’, ‘unity’ and ‘equality’.

In addition to traditional pride rainbows, the coin features the colors of the “progress” flag recently adopted by LGBT+ activists – with white, pink, and blue stripes to represent the transgender community, and black and brown stripes to represent LGBT people. the color.

The Royal Mint has said it will make a £40,000 contribution to the gay community in London as part of the launch.

Activists at the launch of the new Pride coin (Photo: Gareth Everett/Huw Evans Agency)

Asad Sheikh Pride of London said: “I was honored to visit the Royal Mint as part of our partnership and to see our coin made.

“It humiliates me that the words I penned for the brand will be on a real coin, facing the Queen.

This strange brown-haired immigrant has come a long way, fueled by hope, love, and this city. This was not possible anywhere in the world, with the exception of the United Kingdom. The Pride of London is very proud today.”

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Where to buy the new 50 pence coin

50p will not be traded but will be available for purchase via The Royal Mint this summer.

The range includes uncirculated gold, silver and exquisite editions.

Lion Elder Pride of London with Claire McClennan, Director of Commemorative Coin at the Royal Mint (Photo: Gareth Everett/Huw Evans Agency)

Claire McClennan, Director of Commemorative Coins at the Royal Mint, said: “The 50th anniversary of Pride UK is a historic celebration and it is a great honor to celebrate 50 years of progress with the 50 pence coin.

“This is the first ever British coin dedicated to the British LGBTQ+ community, with color printing technology that embodies Pride UK’s signature rainbow hue.

“It was an honor to recently host Pride London representatives at the Royal Mint to mint their coins as part of the launch and to discuss our commitment to diversity and inclusion in the business and to show how we are reinventing the future.”

The mint added that the coin was “part of the Royal Mint’s broader commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.”


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