LG unveils 2024 OLED TVs with AI processors in anticipation of CES

LG Unveils New Lineup of OLED TVs Ahead of CES 2024

LG has just announced the release of its latest lineup of OLED TVs, just in time for the upcoming CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The two new models, the LG Signature OLED M4 and OLED G4, boast an updated AI processor that offers four times the performance of last year’s models.

One of the standout features of the new TVs is the Alpha 11 AI processor, which significantly enhances both picture and audio quality. It provides a staggering 70% improvement in visual performance while gaming compared to the previous version. This is achieved through the processor’s ability to upscale objects and backgrounds, reducing blur and adjusting colors to accurately convey filmmakers’ intended mood and emotional elements.

LG also promises a “three-dimensional” image thanks to its Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro technology, which fine-tunes brightness and contrast. This ensures that viewers can fully immerse themselves in content and enjoy a truly cinematic experience.

In terms of audio, the AI chip enables virtual surround sound and even separates vocals from soundtracks, making dialogue clearer and more distinct.

While the resolution of the new OLED TVs remains 4K, LG has upped the refresh rate from 120Hz to an impressive 144Hz. This increase allows for smoother motion and an overall more seamless viewing experience.

LG’s webOS platform continues to be a highlight, offering users access to streaming content and gaming via the cloud. Additionally, the M4 model comes with the Zero Connect Box, a feature that eliminates the need for connected cables by streaming audio and video wirelessly.

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Gamers will be pleased to know that both the M4 and G4 models support NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync. LG has also included a Game Optimizer selection screen specifically designed for different gaming genres.

As of now, pricing and availability details for the new OLED TVs have not yet been announced. LG, however, has also revealed two other impressive displays alongside the TVs: a 97-inch M3 OLED display and a gigantic 98-inch QNED model.

For those eagerly awaiting more information, CES 2024 in Las Vegas will undoubtedly be the place to be. The event is set to showcase LG’s latest products and delve deeper into the features and capabilities of these new OLED TVs.

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In conclusion, LG’s new lineup of OLED TVs promises to deliver impressive performance, enhanced visuals, and immersive audio. With the added features of AI processing, Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro, and webOS platform, these TVs are sure to be a hit among both gamers and movie enthusiasts.

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