Let’s see why now the tax authorities are raging with retirees and employees

It may seem paradoxical, but the tax man currently pays great attention to retirees and employees.

These are two categories traditionally the tax officer has always had little control over because the bulk of tax evasion is actually done by professionals and businessmen.


Therefore, retirees and employees have traditionally always been under little control because their income comes largely from pension slip or from salary, and thus For them, tax evasion is almost impossible.

The reason for the new controls

However, things are changing today. In fact, the tax man realized that retirees and employees can It can be easily used as a graphic icon By individuals wishing to evade tax through money laundering or other opaque practices. In the past, it was impossible to control millions of Italian retirees and employees, and obviously a tax officer would have been Really incredible dispersal of investigation energies. However, checking accounts of current accounts today are very easy for a physicist due to the presence of the super record of current accounts and also Real artificial intelligence.

How do the controls work?

So today’s tax officer can check in quite a systematic way All transactions made by retirees and employees And all the transfers they receive.


In the case of transfers from suspicious sources or in any way whether in the case of movements that seem strange Pensioner or employee Or your immediately to justify these movements. It is exactly the algorithms available for tax levy That allows for this special investigative ability. In fact, the algorithms available today to the tax officer can analyze the movements of the accounts in a very precise and highly automated manner.

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What should be justified to a tax officer

Then go and highlight any suspicious movement It will be very easy for fitness Even an ordinary citizen who receives a simple pension can be called upon to justify his movements. In this way, the tax man aims to expose his tax evasion Specifically from these topics for the field of his plots. This is a really strong turning point in terms of financial controls because obviously without the capabilities of AI and these algorithms of this type The controls were absolutely impossible.

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