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There is some news about the Superbonus, after the simplification decree at the beginning of AugustThere is some news about the Superbonus, after the simplification decree at the beginning of Augustthere Important new rules regarding Super Bonus 110 percent: Let’s see together which ones.

Newspaper Republicin his online version, mentions the details: A few months ago some problems appeared on credit transfers, It is no coincidence that small and medium-sized construction companies have found it difficult to ask for money in advance from banks. The latter, after several bankruptcies, decided to donate the money with several security conditions.

Moreover, the Latest data from ENEA related to the month July It reported that the amount of funds involved continued to grow at a rapid pace. They were only reported last monthAnother 25,000 yards And the total number of accepted works is close to I 40 billion euros (compared to 44 introduced by the government).

In view of this, the main novelty is that simplification decree, Final to law in effect from August 20Banking institutions are allowed to assign credits to account holders with a VAT number. From
credit matures He can use it with two the situation: or Give it directlyor how Invoice discountand return it to the company that does the work.

good simplification Compared to the initial bureaucratic process, even if it is still necessary to contact Banks, insurance companies or financial companies Unless you already have enough money for a full renewal (caseRealism is only for villas and certainly not for tall buildings).

There is also another problem: in some regions of Italy, such as in Sicilythe revenue agency may ask property owners
Pay the amounts received so far In addition to PenaltiesConstruction sites have been on hold for months and work has not been completed within the specified deadlines.

But this is not the only question: after a scam tour Deserves 5 billion eurosthe outline of the MEF (Ministry of Economy and Finance) agreement states that at least 60% of the creditsThe steps under the comb Preventive oversight of tax authorities.

This way, on the one hand yes Reduce scams as much as possible And fraudulent expenses, on the other hand, go on More timing And now it is becoming more and more difficult to access rewards and finish jobs correctly, without fines for not completing them.

Finally, we remind readers that the following has been confirmed General deadlines:

1) December 31, 2023 to Housing units that they buildings Consists of From two to four real estate units, are registered separately even if they are owned by natural persons. Then, the discounts have a diminishing rate, It equals 70% in 2024 and 65% in 2025.

2) December 31, 2022 for single family homes, But on condition that September 30 It was completed at least in 30% of the work.

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