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Alzheimer’s disease can be caused by a very common factor
There is important news regarding the most common form of senile dementia, ieAlzheimer’s. It was discovered that pathology can be caused by one Lack of sleep.

This direct link has been proven by a research published in the prestigious international scientific journal “Acta Neuropathologica CommunicationsAnd report it in turn ProphetIt was conducted by a group of doctors from the Center for Sleep Medicine
from the Molinette Hospital of the Città della Salute and researchers from the University of Turin.

To get the stem from this amazing novelty, the researchers did just that An examination of the effect of disturbed sleep on mice Genetically predisposed to ovulation amyloid beta, a protein that irreversibly damages the cognitive functions of an animal even when it is young. Therefore, the only sleep fragmentation obtained by inducing short awakenings without adjusting for total sleep time, for a period of 1 month (equivalent to 3 years of human life), is detrimental to the functioning of the glymphatic system, that is, it increases the beta-amyloid protein.

Furthermore, research shows us that although there is a strong link between sleep disorders and Alzheimer’s disease, there is also a close association. Other considerations: In people prone to Alzheimer’s disease, from an early age, disturbed sleep can help establish neurodegenerative processes; Not only is the amount of sleep relevant, but also its “quality”; Only the fragmentation of sleep in the brain, which impedes the maintenance of deep sleep, is able to stimulate and maintain the process.

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So it is a discovery that reveals that to us Sleep is one of the main factors that put our health at risk. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of a night’s rest.

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