“Let’s reopen the capital gains operation for Juventus and the others”

moves there Authorization From FIFAintent on reopening capital gains issue, although the final ruling has already been ordered. Inspectors of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office return to their posts and start from Juventus They are ready to put everything back on the line.

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The Capital Gain Case: All Charges and Risks Against Clubs

The key is Article 63

Based onArticle 63 of the Sports Justice Act007 from FIGC indicates Sentence invalidation And in the last few hours they had informed all the clubs involved as well as blacks and whites of their intention to reopen a file that may have been archived too early.

‘Acquisition of new bonds’: Attorney General’s move

And say so Mathematical process on capital gains it’s overin the first place, already last April With the acquittal of all the directors and companies that ended up in court before the Federal National Court. Among those acquitted was the then president of Juventus, Andrea Agnellia Neapolitan shepherd, Aurelio De Laurentiis. Overall, there have been 59 coaches, from eleven clubs, five from Serie A (Genoa, Sampdoria and Empoli, plus Juventus and Napoli). In May, the Federal Court of Appeal rejected the appeal of the FIFA Attorney General’s Office, but after notice of guarantee to Andrea Agnelli and other Juventus directors, the specific situation of the now infamous Article 63 under which “Only in the event of new procedures deemed critical to review the final decision of the Federal Court of Appeal”, the federal prosecutor could have decided to appeal the verdict. This is what happened today. Meanwhile, Procuratorate led by Qin’After the resignation of the Juventus board of directors, Open another file regarding Juventus contracts and linking them to the Turin investigation.

Juventus, from Agnelli to Nedved: here are all the requests for the charge

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Juventus, from Agnelli to Nedved: here are all the requests for the charge

The position of the Federal Prosecutor and the participating teams

over there fig specify thatThe Federal Prosecutor, after examining the documents and investigative documents of the criminal investigation of “Prisma” referred by the Public Prosecutor of the Court of Turin, proposed, pursuant to Article 63 of the FIGC Sports Justice Code, an appeal for the partial annulment of the decision of the Federal Court of Appeal to the United Sections n. No. 89 of May 27, 2022 against the companies of FC Juventus SpA, UC Sampdoria, FC Pro Vercelli 1892 Srl, Genoa CFC SpA, Parma Calcio 1913 Srl, Pisa Sporting Club Srl, Empoli FC SpA, Novara Calcio SpA, Delfino Pescara 1936 SpA, n. 52 executives from the same sports clubs are asking for the penalties to be ordered successively during the hearing to discuss the appeal to the Federal Court of Appeal“.

Request a new disciplinary action

over there FIFA I finally reported thatThe Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office, after obtaining documents of the same criminal case from the Turin judicial authority, in the context of a new sporting disciplinary procedure, has activated investigative activity in its jurisdiction against Juventus and other professionals. Sports clubs for further disciplinary behavior related to those that have previously exercised disciplinary procedures before sports justice bodies as part of achieving “capital gains” for the 2021-2022 sports season, the provisions of which ended with Resolution No. 89 of 2022. The deadlines for completing investigations are those set by the current FIFA Sports Justice Code.“.

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