“Let’s look at those who fight among the high waves of the sea”

In Saint Paul’s Grotto

– The Supreme Pontiff arrived at Saint Paul’s Grotto in Rabat, evoking hospitality and openness to the most needy: “Do not run out of sympathy with vain words, but light a fire of welcome that makes us forget the bad weather warms and unites hearts.” Then Francis recited a prayer and signed a book of honor.

The letter on the honor book

– “In this holy place, in which Saint Paul, apostle of the Gentiles and father in the faith of this people is mentioned, I thank the Lord and pray that the Maltese may always be given a spirit of consolation and zeal for evangelization,” the message left by Francis in the book.

“Let’s look at those who fight in the waves of the sea”

– In the cave, the Pope prayed for the migrants after another ship sank in the Mediterranean, in international waters, killing more than ninety people who left Libya. Help us get to know you from afar


Of those who fight in the waves of the sea, they are thrown on the rocks of an unknown beach.

Twenty thousand in the Mass of the Holy Father

– The Pope then went to the Basilica of San Publio to receive some religious leaders and went to the Basilica of San Paolo to meet some of the sick and the people that Caritas helps. Then the Mass in the Piazza dei Granai in Floriana where he found 20,000 people waiting for him.

“There are those who speak God and deny it in reality.”

– In the homily, the Pope warns against those who speak of God and then deny him in facts and says: “The worm of hypocrisy and finger-pointing can creep into our religiosity. To misunderstand Jesus, and to have his name on his lips but to deprive him in reality. And this can also be done by raising Signs with a cross. Some have stood as heroes of God but do not realize that they are trampling on their brethren. Indeed, those who think they are standing up for faith who point fingers at others will also have a religious vision, but they do not marry the spirit of the gospel.”

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