“Let’s Inoculate Young People in the Disco”, Vigliolo Idea: What Locals Think of Palermo-Unipa

For General Figliolo, discos could become an important ally in favor of a vaccination campaign. There have been many statements in recent days indicating a near straight path to reach departments inside the dance floor on summer nights.

At the moment, the proposal is being discussed among the trade unions, i.e. Silb (Italian Association for Dance and Entertainment Performances), CTS members and General Figliolo himself. The idea, in fact, can be illustrated precisely Due to the fact that discos are at present the only economic activities that do not have a fixed start date. Green Corridor appears to be the only correct way to return to gear.

Until you kill two birds with one stone, Figliuolo proposed a project to create vaccination evenings in discos. A difficult, cumbersome and important project, but according to the general population, it may have developed abroad a few months ago, as in Israel, the United Kingdom, or Germany.

“Let’s Inoculate Young People in the Disco”: What Palermo Owners Think

Trade unions will also be ready to accept vaccinations in discos to reopen their offices after months. The owners still have few real and concrete explanations. There are many questions that some clubs ask themselves, which for years have dominated the events and evenings sector in Palermo to the rhythm of the music. On Country DiscoClub and Carini’s Mob, the information arriving is still messy. And they need a hierarchical arrangement.

“We still don’t know when the Green Corridor will be used. We hope to start from that. Tablet vaccinations are just a project, and we’ll see if it becomes a realitySay the Dal Country Discoclub. Then it is said, “It would be difficult to organize a vaccine at night and outside a nightclub. But the epidemic has taught us that nothing is impossible. But between saying and deed there is the sea between. “

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Even Mob di Carini, another great place in the Palermo area, thinks the same way. “TheThe union is doing its best to get us to reopen. We are the only ones clashing with uncertainty. Vaccinations at the disco? It’d be a good project, but it got to be a lot of work behind“.

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