Let’s fight heat stroke fast with these 3 amazing treatments for grandmothers

Summer comes and with it the sweltering heat. However, long, warm, and sunny days can lead us to feel sick if we’re not careful. In fact, heat stroke is always close by.

In general, for prevention, it is preferable to wear light-coloured clothing, drink heavily, avoid excessive clothing, and go out during heat hours.


Perhaps not everyone knows that nature offers us valid remedies to combat the symptoms of heat stroke.

Let’s fight heat stroke fast with these 3 amazing remedies for grandmothers: Let’s find out together.

How is heat stroke recognized?

Heat stroke is a condition that occurs when the body temperature rises rapidly, reaching 40 degrees. This can happen during a very sunny day if we do not take precautions. Usually, heat stroke is manifested by a feeling of weakness, dizziness, redness of the skin, headache, severe nausea and rapid heartbeat. If not recognized and treated promptly, it can be very dangerous. Let’s see together how to counter it.

Let’s fight heat stroke fast with these 3 amazing treatments for grandmothers

To counteract the previously mentioned effects of heat stroke, chewing crystallized honey is helpful. Alternatively, we can put a small amount of it in gauze and keep it in the mouth as it was with tobacco. This remedy is useful because honey allows you to naturally lower your body temperature.

Barley is another effective food for heat stroke. We need to boil 3 tablespoons of barley in a liter of water. After letting it cool down, we drink a cup every hour to restore body temperature and restore energy. Instead, to recover a file Sally minerals Lost, we can drink a refreshing drink. Prepare it by adding the juice of two lemons, a pinch of salt and one bicarbonate to a liter of water.

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The most widely used and known remedy for grandmother is undoubtedly cold water compresses. These will lower the body temperature if applied to certain areas. The most suitable points are the neck, armpits, groin, wrists and ankles.


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