Les Folies Napolitaines on the stage of the Bolivar Theater

It is inspired by the Parisian-era variety of the Les Folies Bergère theater and references the European traditions of music hall, variety and cabaret where the atmosphere was outrageous, exciting and funny all at the same time.

On the Bolivar Stage, directed by Nu’Tracks, returns”Les Foleys NeapolitanFrom the Burlesque Cabaret Naples Company, born in 2013 from the meeting between Floriana D’Ammora and Roberta della Volpe, also known as Fanny Damour and Roby Roger. The appointment is Friday, March 10, 2023 at 21.

Les Folies Napolitaines presents alternative performances in which each performer is the protagonist and brings his personal vision of eroticism to the stage, crossing the invisible line between stage and spectator. The common basis of the shows is striptease, where everyone can remove whatever they want, peek, and pull the audience into another era, into a dreamlike dimension made of feathers, glitter, sequins and early jazz. The essential feature of those who attend Les Folies is breaking the classic rules of being in the theatre. The fourth wall is broken, and interaction and dialogue with the audience is part of the show.

Fanny d’Amore He is an Italian artist and painter born and raised in Naples. In 2015 he won the first edition of the Milan Extraordinaire Festival with the international jury of the Ministry of Comic School and This is Cabaret in London magazine. He has participated in important festivals such as the UK’s Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival, Amsterdam Burlesque Prize, Geneva Burlesque Festival, New York Burlesque Festival and has performed on international stages in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto) and the United States ( New York, San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans) for the major nightclubs in the world.

Rob Roger Neapolitan graphic designer and dancer, winner of the Italian Music Prize for Best Graphic Design for the album Immaginaria by Magritta. He was part of the cast of the movie “Passione” by John Turturro, which was shown in 2010 at the 67th Venice International Film Festival. He is on the cast of comic The first portal dedicated to satire in Italy. He also made WOW! A graphic tribute to international burlesque, it was shown at the Milan Burlesque Prize in 2012.


In the nineteenth century, in the United States of America and Great Britain, a burlesque was a show that made fun of the world, the customs and the amusements of the wealthy aristocracy and industrialists, to the amusement of the less well off classes. There was a plot, albeit a weak one. Songs, dance numbers and a lot of comedy. But, to keep the audience interested, the show’s proponents had no qualms about adding female nudity to the stage. The genre was extremely popular for more than half a century before it went through a period of oblivion. For about twenty years it was brought back into vogue and the international scene flourished again with artists from around the world participating and acting venues such as old theaters and small clubs. Naples seems to be the perfect city to host entertainment shows of European and American origin, but at the same time it has a strong connection with Neapolitan traditions, such as the Café Chantant, a local version of French cabaret shows, with a bawdy atmosphere. About seven years ago, the first burlesque academy was created in southern Italy with the aim of creating a burlesque scene with an international flavor in the city of Naples, and to present choral performances as happens in most major cities of the world. From the skilful work of these years, new artistic personalities and synergies arose that made it possible to realize events, workshops and performances with foreign artists, for example the first co-production of the European form Cabaret Bizarre, hosted in the evocative spaces of Naples underground in the Museo Under the earth.


Salvatore Vineroso aka Marlon Dietrichtheater actor and professor of literature and mime at La Ribalta, collaborates with many Italian realities such as Experimenta, Teatro degli sbuffi, Teatro di Legno, Nostos and Teatri di Carta.

Chiara D’Agostino aka Grace HartJazz, Classical, Modern, Contemporary Dance and Hip Hop. He works steadily as a burlesque performer and participates in prestigious events such as the International Burlesque Festival in Rome “Caput Mundi” and the International Royal Burlesque Revue at the Parioli Theater.

Alessandro Capasso, aka Il Capassoimprovising theater actor, studied Commedia dell’Arte with maestro Antonio Carnevale and Clonery with Serenella Converti.

Kiara Sarobi aka Medusatrained as a classical dancer and at the same time approached the world of Argentine tango, deepening her studies with Aoniken Quiroga, engaging in a course of instruction and mastering the study of tango with Alejandra Mantignan, Walter Venturini, Letizia Fallacara, Flavio Catuara and Gladys Barrero.

Danilo Blaquier aka Vertigoa contemporary dancer, also deepens the study of jazz vocals with Giuliana Formisano and theater by attending the two-year course at the Théâtre de Poche and Primary School of Theater directed by Davide Iodice.

Floriana Coppola aka Madame FloMadame Fleur deepened her comic studies with international artists such as Midnight Martini, Russell Brunner and Betty Crispy. She participated in “Miss Comic Italy” on zelig TV with Katja Volesi and performed at the International Canto Festival and at the Margherita Salon in Rome.

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