Lemons fertilized in this way will bear fruit all year round: the secret

Enriched Lemon: This is the trick to getting fruit all year round. Experts reveal an amazing secret of this tree.

Lemon with Leaves – Photo by Pixabay

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Who doesn’t love citrus fruits? Its strong aroma and distinctive fresh taste make it a real treat for the palate. Among the most used citrus fruits of all time, we undoubtedly find Lemona fruit that really can’t be missing on our table.

Precisely for this reason, those who can always choose a lemon as a tree to grow it in pots or in their own garden. This way you will be able to enjoy delicious and juicy lemons that are always available.

However, lemons are not quite what one would call an easy-to-grow plant. In fact, there are many problems encountered while growing this plant. these Problems They often become the cause of a low fruiting tree, but fortunately there is a way to get some very good trees. the fruit Most times of the year. fertilize yourself In a certain way, in fact, lemons always manage to enjoy excellent fruits.

Lemons are always full of fruits

Yellow compost lemon fruit
Big lemonade – Image from Pixabay

As many gardeners already know, the fertilization It is an essential step in the life of a plant, as it allows it to be stimulated at the best possible time when needed.

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However, just buying one is not enough Fertilizer And give it to the plant to stimulate it better. It is necessary to know when and how to fertilize, and to choose the right type of fertilizer for citrus.

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First of all, it is good to choose a file appropriate period to fertilize the plant. For lemon trees, the ideal solution is to provide them with fertilizer From April to September. The advice is to choose a natural fertilizer that can provide the plant with some mineral salts such as magnesium and potassium.

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In this regard, below we show you a video with some of the best natural fertilizer Homemade, ideal for fertilizing with lemon:

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