Leila, the library of things that combine recovery and sharing in Bologna

How many things do we own that we use once, twice, or three times a year? Too Much: Let’s Think Exercise, Drape, and welding machine or on the beach. Wasting money, occupying house space, wasting land resources…

“We basically need to use, not have”: Born from this assumption in 2016 Lily’s stuff librarylocated in Bologna. This “library” contains things that are available to those who decide to participate in the project. The cost of registration is 20 euros per year, and to be inside you only need to bring something, in return you can borrow everything that others have provided.

In the world there are more than 30 projects with the same goal as Laila: to share things, knowledge and emotions. Berlin, ViennaLipsia Innsbruck LondonUnited Kingdom, Toronto, Prague And in 2017, thanks to the beautiful cooperation with the municipality formogen The second Leila opened in Italy: Leila Formigine. It doesn’t end here: just in recent months, Lila has expanded into public libraries in Bologna, so soon every public library in Bologna will have a space (a service) to share things, as well as books.

Today, Laila has 300 members and over 350 articles covering all areas: do it yourself, home, kitchen, travel, sports and leisure, including some musical instruments and instruments electronics of consumption. In the space that hosts Lily, via Serra 2 g/h, which is a fairly central area in Bologna, there is also an area used for joint work And an area where neighborhood workshops will be held by local craftsmen on processing glass, iron, wood and precious metals.

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And here’s another essential piece for Layla: How many letters were lost? How many millions of young people and young people unemployed? How many millions of people, especially at this historical moment, would need a few social activities and meeting places?

In addition to sharing things, Layla makes sharing knowledge and restoring techniques and craftsmanship another important component. Young and old, immigrants and Italians, men and women: community and inclusion are preferred and perhaps the opening of some small activities.

If Lila were in every Italian city: The environment would benefit: One of the main benefits is a reduced carbon footprint. The loan in this case is synonymous with Energy saving and resources. The local economy and the nearby economy will benefit: giving value to things that are usually dumped in landfills, or left to age in the bottom of the closet, is a tangible push in the direction ofproximity economyAiming to reduce, reuse and recycle. This indirectly drives companies to design repair products and resellers to shift their business models toward leasing or leasing. Social and inclusive will benefit: object libraries bring people together and They create communities. It is a meeting point between generations where old and young people share their skills in woodworking, metalworking, repair and more.

And last but not least, this type of library allows you to pursue new inspiration and experience a light heart. By borrowing something or buying it with intent post it. Who wants to open an object library in their city?

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