Leicester-Napoli, Edasiak ready: ‘He’s training to be on the field’

challenge against Lister Everything is played on and off the field: NaplesHe, in fact, is still not sure he can count on some items like David Ospina, due to UK antivirus regulations. “If Edasiak plays for Leicester, it will be a great start and an opportunity to assert himself after he performed well in Primavera,” said Massimiliano Simeone, the agent of the blue goalkeeper. Hubert Idasiak. “They are two different worlds, but Hubert could do well no matter what.”

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With Ospina Waiting and Meret outside, Idasiak e Marvel They are alert: “I heard from Hubert after the friendly match against Benevento, for him it was the first time in Maradona. He was furious that he didn’t get his chance to prove what he was made of,” the agent continued on Kiss Radio. “He’s a cool kid and he doesn’t have much stress other than normal pressures, those of a player who finds himself a regular fixture with his teammates he’s seen Always from the stands so far. In recent days, he has trained extensively to be ready. But there seems to be some chance of relief. Ospina so Osimene».

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