Leicester-Napoli 2-2: Giant Osimhen, what a double!

Giant in Leicester, Victor Osimene. With two goals, two big goals, the Nigerian striker gave Naples Draw more than he deserved in first appearance in European League in home Lister. Had to reassemble it Spalletti, again decisive with his movements from the bench: Naples For 69 minutes, he created many chances without being able to score and found himself two goals behind, then sprinted away. Axis The Azzurri (for the occasion, on the field in the new red jersey) gave a result that could be narrow in points. Yes, because the performance was very positive: in such a hot environment, Naples You played a game full of content. He struggled at first as always when playing on English courts, but then he took control of the game and did what he had to do, except for one thing: achieve all the goals that were created. Which, on the other hand, succeeded very well in ListerWhich thanks goals Perez NS Barnes He cherished victory until he unleashed it Osimene.

Naples, how many mistakes!

Spalletti he chose badge NS Zelensky From the start already moved Di Lorenzo leave confidence Malquit He confirmed his willingness to gamble without reckoning. However, the start of the match was difficult because Lister (Although there are many owners on the bench starting with VardyHe started with his foot down on the gas pedal, he got scared Ospina With Barnes Then slip with it Perez, with one of the classic goals Napoli received with a cross pass into the far corner and the opponent remained free without defending. Found the feature, instead of galvanizing Lister, galvanized Naples, who climbed into the chair and created a long series of opportunities: badgeAnd OsimeneAnd Malquit Not accurate, then were blatant errors in the sequence ZelenskyAnd badgeAnd Osimene NS Lozano. Napoli finished the first half under 1-0, but with 15 shots to 5.

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Osimene rejoices in the shadow of the guest sector: Napoli fans are going crazy

Osimhen, super prop

He started from where he left Napoli also in the second half, with Lozano On an equal footing. The Lister The doubling was canceled due to offside Dhaka, then took advantage of the error Di Lorenzo And I found appearing with Barnes: 2-0 and the game seemed haunted. SpallettiFurious at the mistakes made, from the bench, he revolutionized the team again with moves that turned out to be correct: politanoAnd DiamondAnd UnasAnd betagna NS Juan Jesus In the end, they revived Naples, dragged by the jewel of Nigeria. At first a lob pass after making a maneuver close to the area, then a real striker with exhilaration under the guest sector with Azzurri fans: two bouts of Osimene which they gave to Naples A well-deserved draw with Leicester who finished in 10 to be sent off patience.

Leicester – Napoli 2-2: match report and statistics

Osimene show, what a 2-2 duo between Leicester and Napoli!

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Osimene show, what a 2-2 duo between Leicester and Napoli!

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