Lehecka scores a basket into the glass in the stands

London Wimbledon Keep giving emotions. Now it’s time for the quarter-finals they see kafir As the last Italian left yet Defeat Brittini against Alcaraz. Between impossible shots and returns, there is also room for some Funny curtainsLike what happened during Ben’s challenge Lehecka and Medvedev.

Lehecka makes a basket in the Fan Cup!

The match was victorious RussianThey advanced to the quarter-finals after withdrawing Jerry Lechka Forced to stop 6-4, 6-2. due to a problem with foot blistersThe Czech tennis player failed to provide an exciting challenge to the English crowd. However, before retiring, Lehecka created one of his most memorable moments Curious and fun Championships in London. During his first set Very badly answered On Medvedev’s serve, he sent the ball very high into the stands. from general Wake up immediately Applause and laughter Which commentators and tennis players on the court did not immediately understand. Then the cameras showed the reason for the fun: the ball Lehcka hit did just that “basket” in the glassMoreover, half full, from one of the fans, who cheered everyone up and showed the “incredible goal” of the Czech tennis player.

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