LEGO DREAMZzz TV UK streaming platforms confirmed

the Puzzle Games The group has confirmed streaming platforms in the UK for the first 10 episodes of Puzzle Games TV show DREAMZzz, which will start three months before the first wave of groups.

Celebrity guests, journalists and their families were present at the UK premiere of LEGO DREAMZzz in London yesterday, which included an interactive tour of Matthew and Izzy’s bedroom, a confession booth where guests can reveal their wildest dreams and a full-sized brick recreation of LEGO DREAMZzz. Z-blob. The LEGO Group debuted the show’s first two episodes at the event and confirmed exactly where in the UK you’ll be able to watch the full series.

And also they flow directly to the officer Puzzle Games YouTube channel, first 10 episodes of Puzzle Games DREAMZzz will premiere on Prime Video, Netflix, ITVX and Sky Kids from 5.15am UK time on 15th May. You can basically choose from whichever streaming service you subscribe to, which is a very thoughtful move on their part Puzzle Games group – and apparently it will resonate all over the world.

“We have a strategy of trying to get this story out there as much as possible,” he said. Puzzle Games Group Head of Entertainment Development Keith Malone. Other times, when we release a series, we’ve had major partners bring it in, or Netflix has ordered everything exclusively. For that particular push, we’ve reserved the right to publish it as much as we can, including online.

“So we will have all the major broadcast partners, all the streaming platforms have got the series, but we also have the insurance rights in the regions where one of the broadcast partners might not be. [presenti] For the opportunity to share with everyone.

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The first wave of LEGO DREAMZzz sets will follow August 1, along with 10 more episodes of the TV show. The series will then continue in 2024, when we will presumably see a second wave of Puzzle Games when i make my products.

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