Legionella in the water of kindergarten, primary school and gymnasium

Traces of Legionella were found in the health facilities of some school buildings and the gymnasium in Montichiari. The news is being published by Mayor Marco Togni, through a post on his Facebook page. The discovery was made in recent days during the examinations stipulated in the Legionella Control Protocol that was subsequently adopted by the administration Pneumonia epidemiccaused by bacteria, that roamed Basa 4 years ago and beyond.

Routine check-ups

So these are routine analyzes that are done at the end of summer school closures: a period when deadly bacteria are more likely to develop due to less water use. So there is no need to worry, as the first citizen asserts in the note posted on social media.

“I would assure you: Legionella is a bacterium that has been on Earth since before the advent of man. In all the past years, and most likely, in school facilities, there has always been that it has never been looked for. Since 2019, as we mentioned, every year when Schools and sports facilities reopen, we are carrying out all necessary analyzes and treatments.”

Schools in which sewage has been operated

According to the analyzes carried out, traces of the deadly bacteria were found in the taps of Marcolini’s Kindergarten, in the gymnasium in Novagli and in the toilets of the Falcon Elementary School where work is currently being done to restore the force. Factory. While in school complexes and other sports facilities in the country, no critical problems were found.

“Processing” interventions have already begun “The responsible company will actually intervene to carry out the necessary thermal and chemical shock treatments to restore normal, after which the sampling will be done again, about 15 days after the culture, they will give the results”, explains Tony again.

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Kindergarten water bottles

The only precaution, in light of the imminent opening of the Marcolini Kindergarten, which will reopen to receive children on Monday 5 September: “Bring water bottles to wash hands. While there are no problems with using the latrines,” the mayor specifies.

However, interest remains high, especially on the prevention front: “In addition to treatments, we have also decided to install special antiseptic dosage systems in sanitary systems (kettle, collector, tubes) to prevent the problem in the future,” concludes Ola native of Montichiari.

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