Legion of Honor to Bezos. The “brutal” attacks Macron

Accusations rained down on French President Emmanuel Macron. He is particularly targeted in left-wing circles, who suspect he secretly attributed the Legion of Honor to US billionaire Jeff Bezos, proving that he is “more than ever the boss of the rich”.

The Legion of Honor is the republic’s highest honor, and it was presented to the founder of Amazon in a secret ceremony last February 16, just as France was rocked by strikes and demonstrations against the contested reform to the pension system that Macron himself desired.

The Elysee notes that Bezos is “a partner in the climate and biodiversity protection initiatives that France is undertaking, in particular with regard to the protection of forests,” but this happy theory does not seem to convince the left. “After honoring the butcher, Mohammed bin Salman (the Saudi prince), who killed journalists, Macron is now adorned with the Legion of Honor, Jeff Bezos, a champion of tax evasion, plundering jobs and nature. More than ever, the chief of the wealthy! Bastien Lachaud, vice president of France Insoumise, protested on Twitter. Words similar to those spoken by his colleague in the party, Laila Al-Shuaibi. Well done Jeff Bezos! While we were marching against pension reform, Macron emblazoned it in the name of France to evade billions in taxes, destroy the planet, and spy on workers. Well deserved award from the president of the wealthy! For his part, the Secretary of the Communist Party, Fabien Roussel, denounced the awarding of the Legion of Honor to a “universal exploiter and king of tax optimization.” “The president’s credo: punish all the French, reward the billionaires.” Emmanuel Macron? To be the best at evading tax? To be the chief grave-digger of traditional trade? I really don’t understand.”

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