Legends, the PC Open Beta via the Epic Games Store has a history and trailer –

The Open beta From Magic: Myths He has one data Beginning, he revealed it Tractor Which you can see below: PC users will be able to participate in the exams starting March 23rd.

Magic: Legends was announced at the 2019 Game Awards, and will be available exclusively in 2021 Epic Games Store, And it will allow all fans of the series to become Planeswalkers.

In the game, we will be able to choose our personal path, and collect objects to add toequipmentLearn spells and create devastating combos to confront the forces of evil and save the multiverse.

To accomplish our mission we can choose between five Classy Different, but without being restricted to one in particular: we will be able to switch as desired during our games.

Meaning of freedom, the title he developed Coded Studios It will extend to the exploration stage, with the ability to choose the places you want to visit and in what order, as well as participate in exciting battles.

Whether you decide to master the power of white, blue, black, red or green mana, your choices will determine how you move on the battlefield.

Discover and cast countless spells, and collect pages that make them even more powerful. Collect equipment and artifacts and use them in perfect synergy with your deck to shape your favorite play style.

Pass the two planes alone or with two others. Develop unique combos to boost your teammates’ strengths.

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