Legendary version coming soon to Xbox Game Pass? Xbox Store Leaving Idea –

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition may come soon Xbox Game Pass, according to evidence that appears to have originated from Xbox Store, which is a source that must be completely reliable, even if there are differences to be made with respect to the specific case.

This issue was reported by Polish website XGP and will be related to a report that appeared in Polish Section From the official Xbox store, but there aren’t a lot of witnesses to back it up because the thing seems to have lasted for a few hours and it doesn’t seem like it came out of that section of the store.

Screenshot from the Polish Xbox Store with the alleged evidence of Mass Effect Legendary in Game Pass

In practice, as evidenced by screenshot I mentioned above, in this section of Microsoft’s official digital rendition, for a few hours, that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was reported as a game belonging to the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

Classic featured on the cover written Game Pass which refers to the games available in the service’s catalog, to disappear later. It could be a bug, or the photo may have been modified outright, and it’s hard to get accurate ideas at the moment.

However, it may not be so silly – the game should start Play EA And it’s only a matter of time before it is also included, therefore, in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate catalog. However, it is still very early, considering that the game was only released last May, and in any case, we are waiting for any news in this regard.

To learn more about the title in question, we refer you to our Mass Effect: Legendary Edition review and remind you of the second wave of Xbox Game Pass games in November 2021.

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