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The State Council deals a severe blow to unsafe sanitary ware. It is reasonable to stop practicing the profession of a healthcare professional who refuses to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus: this is confirmed by the State Council in the collective order, presented today, which rejects the precautionary request proposed by the dentist regarding the measure of suspension from the service of the Western Health Authority Friuli for non-compliance with the obligation to vaccination.

“With regard to the reasonableness of the extent of suspension from the profession and the basic balance between the interests involved in the present case, albeit all constitutionally relevant and linked to fundamental rights,” Section III of the State Council affirmed the considerations already expressed, that “the protection of public health shall prevail.” Just as, and in particular, the protection of the most vulnerable and the most vulnerable subjects, in need of care and assistance, is often urgent, and precisely for this reason they are frequently in contact with health or social workers.”

“Towards them – the decree highlights – there is a bond of rigor of solidarity, which is the cornerstone of the constitutional order, intrinsic and balanced with the same relationship of care and trust that arises between the patient and the health care staff, which requires avoiding the paradoxical outcome of a person-borne infection that calls for the functions of care and assistance. “. precedent makes jurisprudence.

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