Legacy: The True Story of the Los Angeles Lakers

All episodes are available from November 23rd.

The history of the Los Angeles Lakers and the NBA as we know it today (it’s impossible to tell the two apart) was born between the 1970s and 1980s. First of all, I was born with a name family history. The sense of family, of familiarity, of what that kind of bond means and entails has been – for the Lakers and the NBA – fundamental for several years, and probably still is. Legacy – The true story of the Los Angeles Lakers (10 episodes available Streaming on Disney+ from November 23 and directed by Antoine Fuqua) begins here: of a man, Jerry Buss, and his family (sons and daughters in particular). The man who decides to buy a basketball team — the Lakers, in fact — and who with that purchase somehow takes over the entire league to which that team belongs: the National Basketball Association, better known as the NBA. Hook that up can turn decisively.

Legacy: The True Story of the Los Angeles Lakerssome historical context

Legacy: the true story of LA Lakers cinematographe.it

Legacy: The True Story of the Los Angeles Lakers It follows a very broad time frame: starting from the end of the 70’s and basically going up to today. However, to understand how much Jerry Buss influenced the NBA, one must try to understand What was the nba then. In the late 1970s in the USA, basketball was not a big sport. At least not in Los Angeles. It is baseball and football—something that is still partially true today—that compete for and monopolize the interest of the public. Boss buys the Lakers and turns them into a team capable of winning five titles in ten years. And it doesn’t end there. Jerry Buss changes the entire face of American basketball, making it what it is today: A form of leisure and entertainment That move billions and billions of dollars every year.

Legacy: The True Story of the Los Angeles LakersIt’s show time!

The Legacy: The True Story of LA Lakers cinematographe.it

It is no coincidence that these Lakers were nickname Showtime Lakers. Every match becomes an opportunity for the individual show time. Jerry Buss was the first to introduce dancers during match periods, and the first to raise prices and thus “pick up” the fans who were in the front rows of the forum. These are the novelties that all teams adapt to in a short time. It’s like being close to Hollywood in a way All city expressions reportedEven sports. Lakers players, or at least the most prominent of them, become real celebrities, like cinema and music personalities who crowd the front rows every evening to admire their work. Legacy: The True Story of the Los Angeles Lakers Tells this revolution well, thanks A mountain of materials are available. Past and present heroes are interviewed, and their interviews integrated with those of the time. Then there’s the match footage, timepieces, sports commentators, and newspaper clippings. Everything is perfectly integrated, everything is structured in a clear way. Everything comes together to tell the story of the Lakers dynasty and the National Basketball Association.

Legacy: The True Story of the Los Angeles LakersHow many times?

The Legacy: The True Story of LA Lakers cinematographe.it

We must now ask ourselves what the meaning of such a process is. We tried to explain why the Los Angeles Lakers story is worth telling. However, it came out a few months ago Winning Time – The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, a fantasy TV series, yes with the cast, but it basically tells the same things. Why then make another TV series? The answer may lie in the subheading of Legacieswhich is concerned with determining how She intends to tell the “real” story of the Los Angeles Lakers, declares itself as a true source of truth on this subject. As if to say: We just said how things actually went. naturally, Legacy – The true story of the Los Angeles Lakers It goes further than it is now win timeAt least in terms of time (the entire first season of win time It is summed up roughly in the first episode of Legacies). And all this without mentioning They call me Magic, another TV series released in recent months and this series also focused on these Lakers and in particular on Magic Johnson. The NBA has many other stories to tell. Maybe it’s time to start doing that.

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