Lega Serie A, nothing has been done yet to elect the president: Abodi’s name now appears. Commissioner will start on 24

Election day has passed, but there league He still doesn’t have President. The presidents quarrel and the candidates are in hiding: among the four officially on the list, after a withdrawal Carlo Bonomi and absence Lorenzo Beni Smaghi And the Mauro diamondJust Lorenzo Cassini He presented himself in front of the shepherds. Obviously, that wasn’t enough: the vote wasn’t even there to avoid It might be black smoke He could have been another idiot for Lega Calcio. We’ll talk about it again next week.

As expected, not even downgrading quorum (After the first two assemblies with a qualified majority, a simple majority would suffice today) led to the election of the new assembly. No. 1 of the Italian league, who will have to replace the resigned Paulo Dal Pinofled to United States of America Because of the many tensions within the league: this means that today there are not even 11 votes out of 20, that Italian football cleavagein the middle or perhaps in several streams, between the wing Lotitian This is linked to FederCalcio from Gabriel Gravina (Not forgetting the Americans).

The problem is that the partyprogressives(As they like to call themselves), he appears to have been left without a real candidate. After Confindutria Bonomi n.1 idiot, former ECB member Bini-Smaghi also took a step to the side: he called football League He does not like the electoral process and that a file of his caliber is not holding talks. If it’s not a downturn, we’re close to it. Massi’s absence who nomination However, it remains half a mystery, as it is attributed for various reasons to both Gravina and Lotito.

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Without a strong name to support, a ScaroniAnd the Cairo and Co All that remains is the obstacle Lorenzo CassiniChief of Staff of the Ministry of Culture is the only one who has put his face on it so far. But he has to face the opposition of Milan (Marotta He said publicly that he would not vote for her, and Milan deserted by sending a director in place of Paolo Scaroni), as well as accusations of alleged indecision, for his role in mebakt Who approved the funds to restore franks (which, however, belongs to the municipality of Florence, not Fiorentina).

In short, we are the usual wall that generates nothing. two hours later a argue Regardless of the voting procedure, keep the assembly open or not, reopen the deadline for NominationsAs usual, it was decided to postpone. In light of next week, it will be necessary to understand which of the three remaining candidates is really still in the competition, but it is not certain that we will not return to the beginning: i.e. looking for a new profile trying to get everyone to agree. For example, before the meeting we talked about Andrew my slavethe former president of B . serieson headSports Credit Institute (Where it is due): An experienced candidate, who Availability Personal, as well as consent between beneficiaries. In the meantime, the time passes and the date of March 24, the deadline for which was authorized, Approach. FederCalcio, who definitely wouldn’t mind getting their hands league Having already done it with amateurs, look slyly.

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